Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been feeling annoyed recently, by the ridiculously early morning chirping of the birds. Sure, the early ones get the worms (who wants to eat those slimey things?!), but do they have to get up at 4:30? And when they do, can't they be quieter? I mean, if they have their beaks full of ground-up worms, you'd think that would muffle the sound.

But a few minutes ago, my kids came in saying, "Mommy! We just saw the baby birds in our garage! Their fuzzy little heads poked out, and they were so cute!" To catch you up, birds make a nest year after year in the vent near our garage roof. They can only access it from the outside, so whenever I write, I see purple finches flitter in and out.

THEY LAID EGGS AND THE EGGS HATCHED! I'M AN AUNT! Awww, let the little buggers chirp at 4:30 - they're hungry!

Sometimes all we need to do is change our perspective.