Friday, January 22, 2010

News from SCBWI-LA

Hi, soggy Angelinos!

Just a reminder to check in with In March, the one, the only Greg Pincus will challenge our brains with the world of cyberocity and how we can use it well.

In April (the official month of showers - oh, no!) we have an amazing line-up at Writer's Day, including new Printz winner Libba Bray and sooo much more!

I'll be at the NY conference next week, so will bring back a few juicy nuggets for always-hungry creative minds.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fun Congrats

Congratulations Katherine Paterson, now leading the worldwild helm of children's literature! We couldn't be sailing on a better vessel.

A belated thank you to Arthur Levine, for reminding us all at SCBWI's Working Writers Retreat that the catch phrase "as you know, Bob" is insider lingo when your character or narrator tells us much more backstory than we need to know, all in a tidy blob of dialogue - ick!

Since I finally "graduated" from physical therapy, I'm hoping to blog more - be on the lookout for juicy tidbits from writers, illustrators, agents & editors!

Happy New Year!!