Friday, November 21, 2008

I've had a lot of comments on my acting pix, and thought about an interesting connection to writing. I promise I'll get there in a sec. When you think of acting, you may get mental images of young Hollywood in rehab or who's got the, ego. Personally, I think it's all about heart. You'v got to not only love the art, but love the process. With acting, there's the challenge of nailing a character somebody else wrote, then finding all those nuances that only you can bring to that character. There's the challenge of connecting with the other actors and connecting with the audience (if it's live).


Everything. First, you've got to love the process. Next, maybe because of my acting background, I write from the heart, and I write from character. Hunh? Bascially, in my first drafts I can't plot myself out of a paper bag. THANK GOODNESS for first drafts! If you've got character, you know what makes their heart've got voice. So write from the heart - the plot will follow. It may be several revisions later, but it will come, so trust your heart.


Marilyn said...


I love how you tie writing in with acting--and with packing--and, well... I bet you could tie it in with everything, huh? What I really needed to hear were your words about plotting. That's the best writing advice I've gotten in a while. I mean that. Thank you.

Nice job with your blog.

Sarah Laurenson said...

What a nice post you've got there, Claudia. :-)

Writing does seem to be the ultimate tie in to everything. Everything we experience can be brought to our WIPs and our writing process.