Saturday, January 24, 2009

On Hope

This has been a glorious week! Not only did we get a healthy reminder of hope in our pockets if we only stuff our hands in (thank you, President Obama), but I did my yearly interviews of prospective Northwestern students today.

I must say that, based on the young voices I heard today, the state of the union is hopeful! Yes, there were those who were, dare I say it, mediocre in an interview setting. But then, meeting one kid in particular, I was relieved that our future could be placed in not only capable but intelligent, caring, life-passionate, humorous and even charismatic hands. I actually ENJOYED my time with this kid, and we both were sorry to see it end.

I only hope (ah, there it is again) that I can write characters who jump off the page like that, who give readers hope.

It's still a very young year...what are your hopes?


Julie Williams said...

Thanks, dear C -- How wonderful to get to meet and talk with the young people you write about and for! For the first time ever I immersed myself in the entire Inauguration Day and came away feeling very hopeful. It's not the BIG rhetoric that causes that in me. It's seeing the small, more candid moments with our new First Family and seeing -- as you said -- the young people in that huge crowd, ignited with passionate interest in this new leadership. That gave me hope in a big way.

Sarah Laurenson said...

It's the beginning of a very new era. Someone recently talked about how wonderful it is that kids these days will grow up knowing a black man can be president. It's an awesome time to be alive and watching it all unfold.

Obama and I are the same age. So what's my excuse - why am I not published yet? ;-)