Friday, March 26, 2010

Keep Creating!

Remember to keep going - you never know where your characters will take you. If you need a nudge, be sure to check back here every few days for a new burst of inspiration!



Sarah Laurenson said...

Where my characters will take me? Ha! That can be interpreted in so many ways. I love that they take me to worlds I've never explored, but sometimes they run off with the story and getting back on track can be a challenge.

claudia said...

But then you learn something from them, right?

Sarah Laurenson said...

Ha! Yes, I do. And then I have to figure out how to seemlessly work it all in together.

It's quite fun.

Most recently, I was introduced to my MC's future wife through that kind of epsiode. Nothing like adding an entire character who has to have a large role in the book.

claudia said...

Sometimes you have to kill off characters; sometimes you need to bring them on-stage!

aewagner5 said...

Just discovered your blog. And, boy, do I need nudges of encouragement and bits of inspiration right now! I'll visit often. Thanks!