Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring! This is not a shameless plug for friends and events, but there are some phenomenal things coming up in these parts. If your writing needs some get-up-and-go, get up and go!

Later today, Laurie Halse Anderson heads to Santa Monica for her Wintergirls book tour (4:30 at the main library, 7:00 at Barnes & Noble). Not only is she an exquisite writer, but she's inspirational, so go if you can. She'll be in Pasadena over the weekend.

April 18th is SCBWI-LA's Writer's Day. Check out the line-up at We've got something for everyone, including that nudge to get you going!

For those of you who asked, the class visit on mask poems was so much fun - the kids were enthusiastic and came up with some fun poems. They especially liked my props...I brought 2 different textured cookies for each of them, so they'd learn about details in writing. Hey, I was scheduled for AN HOUR with 7 year olds. It went by very quickly, and I heard that I was "awesome" -phew!


Sarah Laurenson said...

Two different textured cookies - what a fabulous idea. And yummy, too. I'm glad you were a hit.

Julie Williams said...

Of COURSE you were fabulous! (And so were the cookies, I'll bet!) Any mask poems to share with us?

claudia said...

Everything one kid wrote involved a snail. I didn't get copies (at least not yet) of their work, but his was something like "I'm full of chocolate chips. Oh, no! A snail is eating me!"