Friday, April 17, 2009

Let's call this Susan Boyle week. The Scottish singer who has YouTube running to catch up to the number of hits from her performance on Britain's Got Talent has been an inspiration to us all. Which one of us wouldn't kill for Simon Cowell's change from smirk to lifted brows? Who among us could stand to see again that talent rises to the top, given perseverance and the right circumstances?

I'm taking a reminder lesson from Susan: put yourself in the right place, keep working your craft, know that a great voice will leave your audience breathless, and wow them.


Sarah Laurenson said...

I'm having mixed feelings today about Susan. Yeah, she wowed the heck out of me when she opened her mouth and sang, but all this attention is a bit much. Then I listened to her sing again and I'm hooked once more. LOVE her voice. Love her personality, too. But seriously - I just want to hear more of her singing. So how do we get this season's Britains Got Talent here in the States?

But I know what you mean. Keep keeping on and it will happen. That was a big question for me when she popped up out of nowhere. How did she get through her life and not be noticed? Apparently, it wasn't the right time or place because there were some opportunities earlier on that didn't pan out.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Oh, and I'm off to find my YouTube link to the best quality version so I can hear her...

Sarah Laurenson said...

She sang on a charity CD in 1999. here's the link to hear Cry Me A River. OMG. I am in so love with her voice, but I always knew I could lose my heart to an awesome singer.
Just don't tell my wife. ;-)

Chris Demarest said...

From an article in a British paper she spent her life taking care of her parents and then didn't sing after her mother's death two years ago. Regardless, as you said Claudia, she brings hope for all of us who believe in our abilities and keep at it.

Keep singing Susan Boyle.

Lee Wind said...

You know, I was thinking this about Adam Lambert also. How could someone so talented not be hugely famous already? And Adam wasn't off taking care of elderly parents - he's been in Hollywood, trying to make it, for years. He's been in musicals. He's done shows. He's just... never really been in the right place at the right time. And now he is. And so is Susan.
Yup. We just have to keep on keepin' on. And it will happen!