Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bits of Wisdom & other tiddlywinks from SCBWI NY

I was going through my notes from the recent, chilly & energizing winter conference, and here are some goodies, picked up here and there like you'd pick things up at a farmer's market. These are much juicier, though, and can sustain you much longer. I'll post a few each day. Happy munching!

Aaron Hartzler, who MC'd the Writer's Intensive, passed on a metaphor he'd heard from Alvina Ling (Little Brown) about critiques. Pointing out the flaws in a manuscript is like telling a friend with great teeth that they have a bit of spinach stuck between them. The person telling you knows how great your teeth are, and they don't want anything there that will take away from them.

Some post-critique suggestions from the panel:
Arianne Lewin (Hyperion): wait & think before revising
Wendy Loggia (Delacorte): watch American Idol: work at your craft & be true to yourself
Allyn Johnston (Beach Lane): don't take yourself too seriously & get exercize to clear your head

Digest well, and look for more your next time back!

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